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Much work is done to build a successful online business. Things like understanding what potential customers really want, content marketing, paid advertisements, sales funnels, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and so much more. All of these take time and dedication to learn and to experiment with.

Out of all the confusion, website design seemed to be the one thing we can control and accomplish now. We can throw money at a website designer and get it done with minimal work on our end. If you’re super busy running your business and/or you’re just not a “tech” person, then you need to hire someone to build your site for you. It’s just that simple.

If you want to hire a professional to help you with your website, but you don’t feel like you can afford the investment all in one lump sum, see if they offer to finance. That way you can get something really nice to help grow your business, but it won’t strain your bank account. Be careful with “budget pricing”. Unusually low prices can signal shoddy workmanship or they’ll nickel and dime you for every little thing. As you know, you usually get what you pay for.

BUT, did you know you can also subscribe to a monthly website hosting that has much to offer and lets you save more? Here at CodeCentris, we don’t just create a website, we drive them to bring traffic and turn them into sales. We know an amazing award-winning website will not be enough. A website with a marketing strategy is what we do to ensure we deliver not just the work but also the investment.

Building a modern, well-engineered website is way more time-consuming than most people realize. Just like cars, today’s websites are much more complicated than the websites of 10-15 years ago.

If funds are tight right now, there is nothing wrong with seeking the cheapest method of building your company website. Simply do the best you can.

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