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You’re ready to have a website. You have already inquired and filled up an order form from a website hosting. So what’s next? It’s choosing the right theme for your website. We tell you this, its not as easy breezy as it may seem. You will be given a thousand themes to choose from and from that count it may take you a day to decide. The design is not just the only thing that’s important but also on what colors and styles suit your business website.

To help you choose the right theme, we’ve listed a few things to consider:

  1. STICK TO THE BRAND – You need a theme that perfectly matches your business. You can’t just choose a theme with many colors or too many layouts.
  2. BLEND WITH THE CONTENTS – Whether you’re a minimalist or not, or you like showing all the achievements and details in your website or you’d like it to be just simple but concise, your theme must always blend with the contents you’re putting in your website.
  3. CONSIDER THE NUMBER OF PAGES – Here’s a fact. Not all website businesses need a lot of pages on their website. The need depends on what kind of service or product you are offering. If you are in the food industry and wants a website for your restaurant, it is necessary that you need different pages for each type that you have. You can’t bulge in the appetizer and meals on the same page. It will look too messy and unattractive. You can use each page to better showcase each of your product besides, it’s an easy way to let your customers navigate quickly on your website.
  4. RIDE WITH THE LATEST TREND – This one is like a secret tip. If you take a look at your big competitor’s website, you will see that they are using the newest themes on their website. and the catch? You can do it too! Of course, you don’t plan to copycat the whole layout and theme, but just by showing that you can keep up with the game simply gives you a credibility that your serious to beat the reigning big ones and be on the top. Business is business anyway.

From there, you can quickly decide on what theme is best for your website. If you are struggling, you can choose three options and let your customers or staff decide on which one to use. You can also an i.t friend for a technical help. Remember to not rush in choosing the right theme because it’s really not easy to start from scratch again. It will consume your time and your website’s performance which we hope not, but possibly will affect your sales.

I hope we helped you!

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