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The Benefits of having your own personal or business website.

Social Media pages and accounts, thousands of followers, millions of viewers and websites. These things are so 2018 that if you don’t have or haven’t bump to any of them, you’re a caveman. Gone are days of gigantic telephone handles, turtleback computers, penpals, and snail mails (though, some prefer to use snail mail for documentation purposes).

Our world is now living in the digital age. Back then, we wish we could see someone from another country virtually and bam! internet and video chat is invented. Do you even remember that before we only had a telephone operator? Now we have chatbots and virtual assistant on our phone including Siri. These digital inventions led us to live and work comfortably.

Now business, of course, can’t be just left behind. They are also keeping with the digital times and continually improving their products or services based on what’s the latest trend and what will be the future. You can’t hardly see any business without a Facebook page, a messenger access or a website. Yup, that’s right. A website.

You might think. You already have a social media page why spend more on a website? A website is a living proof that the business really exist. It’s a marked or evidence that the business really operates and is not a fraud. Scammers won’t pay for domain name or spend on maintaining their website just to trick people, it may, in a lot, cost them more.

Whether your website is for your personal benefit, or for your small business, don’t worry. This is because having a website can do so many things that can help you gain attraction in the online world. You can use it for your marketing purposes, blog, data storage and most importantly, you can use it as part of the processes in your business. People are always online and constantly searching Google for instant answers. If you’ve made your website and a potential customer is in need of the same services as you have, voila! that’s one added sales and customer to your growing list of clients.

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