Hire the next outstanding staff, save significantly on operational costs and still get the same job done in no time!

We connect you with our pool of skilled and dedicated staff in India or the Philippines. You have the choice to be actively involved in the placement process or you simply let us take care of it. We invest in our people through continuous learning by way of providing them opportunities for class training, online courses and conferences.


Why outsource to India and the Philippines?
Top nations with huge pool of highly skilled talents
Cost-effective due to lower labour rates
Excellent communication skills
Have positive work ethics
Our Rates
(OffShore Office-Based Staff)
We aim to provide our employees a premium salary to ensure that we hire and keep the best talents. We support work stability for our people and thus, we actively encourage our clients to engage our staff at at a minimum of 12 months.


We charge a one-time fee of AUD $1200.

This covers the cost of staff recruitment, on-boarding and office work setup.


Our management fee is fixed at AUD $600.

This fee is billed together with the employee's salary on an ongoing basis.


The employee's salary is a varying cost which is commensurate of a talent's background, experience and skill.

This comprises a person's basic salary, government mandated benefits, 13th month pay and medical insurance fee.
Our Guarantees

Highly-Skilled Staff

We are recruiting experts.

Finding the right people is critical to the success of your team. Therefore, it is our ongoing commitment to invest in our people's holistic well-being by providing a fantastic work environment, rewarding career and growth opportunities.

Real Partnership

We are always ready to help.

We aim to create long-standing partnership with our clients. We are here to support and contribute to the growth and success of your business by ensuring your team performs to your expectations.

Secure Workspace

We protect your business data.

Your personal data and confidential information are safe with us. We have a secure and reliable network infrastructure and monitoring systems in place to ensure your data is safe.

Efficient Engagement

We can set-up your team in as short as one week!

We have a pool of highly-skilled talents ready to fill-in your team now! An account manager will help you through-out this process to get your team up and running fast.

You can start with one staff and scale depending on your business strategy. We can provide qualified people in any of the following areas.


Hire your next accountant, bookkeepers, auditor, finance analyst to fix up your financial statements and record your transactions diligently.


Hire your next admin assistant, virtual assistant, data entry specialist, secretary to perform administration tasks for your business.


Hire your next team leader, project manager, business manager, events manager to effectively head your teams or departments.

Customer Care

Hire your next call center agents, telesales agent, telemarketer, product support agent. We provide both inbound and outbound call agents.


Hire your next english teacher, math tutor, course trainer to educate your students or teams on a specific field or subject.


Hire your next php developer, designer, report analyst, business analyst, tester to create proprietary products for your business.


Hire your next graphic artist, creative arts developer, media expert for a creative and engaging display of digital media.


Hire your next architect, engineer, draftsman, planner to create cutting-edge infrastructure solution.


Hire a legal consultant, lawyer, legal assistant to create or review any legal document or facilitate any legal activity.


Hire your team of network engineer, cisco expert, system engineer for a reliable network support.

Sales & Marketing

Hire your next sales person, business developer, marketing analyst, marketing planner for a successful sales drive.


Hire your next content creator, copy writer, blogger, ghost writer, editor for an original and creative content.

HR & Recruitment

Hire your next recruiter, human resource analyst, training specialist and build your whole recruitment team with us.


Hire your next staff for your entertainment business such as singer, musician, guitar player, pianist who can also provide training remotely.


Hire the next staff in the medical field such as medical coders, practitioners, pharmaceutical experts and sale experts.

Special Staff

If you are looking for a staff with a specialised skill such as language educator, translator, remote multi-purpose country assistant, etc just let us know and we are always happy to help.
need help?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have or provide you an estimate on your project.